incorect disk message for every dvd in my memorex tv dvd player

by Guest734  |  13 years ago

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incorect disk  message for every dvd in my memorex tv dvd player

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  1. amomipais82
    I recommend the obvious solution which is to plug it into an S-Video compatible TV, VCR or DVD player then change your settings. You could make it really for yourself if you want by looking for some software that you burn onto a CD which you make bootable and when you run it in the player it resets everything to factory default settings. But seriously make it easy on yourself and just plug it into an S-Video compatible device (TV/VCR/DVD, preferably a TV for ease, though it doesn't make any real difference). Best of luck to you anyway

  2. Guest1668
    Unplug from wall and wait at least 1 minute...worked for me...good luck
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