iphone 4 vs. blackberry comparison

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iphone 4 vs. blackberry comparison

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  1. Jack Fisher

    iphone 4 vs. blackberry comparison  would have produced a different answer in the past or any other time but lately when millions of users in the UK and USA are suffering data loss and loss of most Blackberry services - it would be hard to say anything positive.

    I still feel when things go bad and are publically available to the masses, companies do get their act together and normally come out stronger than before.  If Blackberry comes out of this problem properly, chances will be high for people like me to still stick with them. But if they take very long and do not solve this problem with transparency; a downward slide for blackberry market share is on its way.


  2. Guest3883
    Every one has his own opinion but i personally like i phone because of its several additional functions if i compare it with blackberry.
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