is Justin Drew Bieber email account Justin Drew

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is Justin Drew Bieber email account Justin Drew

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  1. Guest6887
    I just emailed that but no reply so far

  2. Guest7274
    Try emailing it and you should know
  3. Guest2558
    I did also
  4. Guest1908

    Here is my picture with Justin.


    This is the second time I met him using the ultimate backstage book!


    I got to spend twenty minutes with him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before I left!



    The book info is at if you want to try to meet him like I did…But keep your hands off him…LoL!




  5. Guest156

    no it's not

    justindrewbieber admited he's not the real jb

  6. Guest5957

    I really need to know JB email because i love him with my heart LOL and there are different email's of Justin's pleeeeeease i beg you to tell me the right email lots of love Liz JB's fan and i met him gave him a kissy and left and i forgot to ask him LOL but please tell me xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Guest5724

    Hey hvad laver du smukke du er cool

  8. Guest5423

    Hey hvad laver du smukke du er cool <3 :-)

  9. Guest4261

    Getting backstage passes to concerts is a lot easier than people think. I am really surprised that more people are not doing it. I have been attending concerts since I was fifteen and have gotten backstage to more than thirty-five concerts in the last 10 years.


    I have met most of my favorite performers and have a collection of memories that will last me a lifetime. I have tons of pictures, music, t shirts and autographs that I obtained throughout the years. My main suggestion is getting your foot in the door. There is actually a book that I saw at the library that had quite a bit on info about the subject. The book has a website address where you can order it.


    I have read a few books on the subject but this one was the most complete and did not have lame info that I have seen in other books. This book uses some of the exact same methods that I use. Once you get your foot in the door, you can easily get backstage. People think that you have to "trick" people into letting you backstage but that is not likely. I have learned that once you know someone on the inside, you are set for life. I now know someone at every venue in my city.


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