is bombay hindi vidya pith ugc

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i want to know about bombay hindi vidya pith

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  1. Guest4608
    Dear sir,

    My name is Md.Munni, iam sending this mail from ANDHRA PRADESH. iam a presently "p.hd (Doctor of philosaphy)  research student in hindi language. my institution is "Dhakshina bharatha hindi prachara sabha", Chennai, now iam doing thats various branch in Hyderabad in Distance education.

    My research topic is "  VEDESHOMEY HINDI BASHA VIKAS"(Development of hindi language in abroads), its totally world wide hindi language development.if you don't mind can i work with u its very useful to my research. and my p.hd submission is jan2010, my professosr is Pr. I.N.Chendra Sekhara Reddy in S.V.Universitey thirupathi.

    I will doing this research in my own intrest and i will contacted more persons in other countiesslikeUSA,AUSTRALIYA,JAPAN,SINGAPORE,DENMARK,IRAQ,HUNGAREY,etc., some more persons gived full suport and help about my topic.

    in this purpose can i have any  chance to teach hindi classes in your universitey in distace education, its useful for my research and i  want to go to  abroads  after my research. here i attend any classes thats use of my work.

    please send me replay if not a chance no problam to that,  can you know any information about hindi in abroads please send me i want to  include your name in my doctorol thessis.

    My full details:

    Age: 26
    Qualifications: M.A(HINDI)62%,M.PHIL(HINDI)67%.
    Also submitted two  online proposals in language confrencess in USA.
    My adress:
    d\, 20\581-1,
    Lakshamana rao puram,
    Krishna district,
    Andhra Pradesh.

    My mail ID :
    Mobile no : 09581248258.

    Thank you,
    Sincearly your's,

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