is damon bennett from holmes on holmes dating sherry holmes, mike holmes' daughter?

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is damon bennett from holmes on holmes dating sherry holmes, mike holmes' daughter?

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  1. Camees

    I copied this off another site because it makes sense: Forget about how it looked for a second and actually think about it. What 40 year old construction worker, the supervisor no less, is going to randomly say something like that on a job site, in front of a ton of other construction worker dudes?! Anything outside of the actual construction stuff is all scripted and staged by the director, its a major tv production, we aren't watching private home videos of Mike and his crew from job sites, this whole thing is a tv production from beginning to end. The technical stuff is real but thats about as far as the 'reality' part goes;).

  2. Terry

    Firstly, who cares if he has man b**bs. I do not agree with that statement. As for the caddy behavior with the shoe thing...I really don't see what that has do with anything. Playing stupid games with co-workers does always mean they are involved. 

  3. mr.goat

    Watching episode from Holmes Inspection 2010 called "Headroom Headache" about 10 minutes in , you have Sherry kissing a dog that is peeking in a basement window and Damon states loudly "I WISH SHE CARED THAT MUCH ABOUT ME"  So that, to me is alluding he's joking about their romantic life. In this case, it's just plain wrong. You know why? Damon keeps getting fatter ever season from the glut, he looks 10 years older  in 5 years..and since when do you have to poach your bosses young daughter? Is this why Mike has Jumped the Shark with his TV shows? Great concept, but they should steer the series more like "this old house" where you can learn something. Not just sporatic education.

  4. Guest3740
    yes, they are engaged.
  5. Guest5637
    um, h**l's NO!!!!!
  6. Guest4176
    i read on Facebook that they are.
  7. Guest6202
    LOL, well, if you read it on Facebook(on the page that as no affiliation with Damon Bennett or anyone from Holmes on Homes;)), it must be true?! I read on Facebook that he is married but I also read online that he is dating Kate and Pinky(who is also apparently Dating Mike Holmes), and he's dating Mike Holmes Jr all while being Mike Holmes secret lover, shhhh, don't tell, it's a secret I read on the internet, LOL!!!! I guess dating all the girls who work for him is a ruse though because I read, yes, on the always reliable, factual and truthful, internet that he is g*y, here is the quote, "if by g*y you mean does he take full loads in the rear, then the answer is YES". He sure is a busy man, where does he find the time to work and how in the world does he stop his entire crew, who he is dating, from fighting over him? The biggest game on the internet right now is making up stories about people, by tomorrow he will be probably be having a secret affair with Angelina Jolie, and if you read aabout it online then you know it is absolutely TRUE;) LOL!
  8. Guest4245
    She must be atleast 10 years younger than him.  He skeeves me.
  9. Guest8251
    more like 15+ years older, he's like forty, skeezy is right!
  10. Guest7916
    Not that Sheryy isn't a pretty girl, but would you really want to be with someone who looked EXACTLY like your boss??  Freaky!
  11. Guest6626
    LOL, ya, especially if your boss is a man?! Its totally freaky how she looks more like her dad than her brother does! We all know what she will look like when she's 50 or however old her dad is;)
  12. Guest2512
    Shagging the bosses daughter, who also happens to be your employee? NOT a good idea!
  13. Guest2725
    Yes he is.  They are so cute together!
  14. Guest116
    so, we have a h**l no and a yes and they are engaged.  what is the truth then?  what is the age difference between them?  15 years?  I guess MIke is OK with it.
  15. Guest1123
    15 years isn't a big deal.  I know couples who are 20 years apart.  love is love.  They have been together for a few years now
  16. Guest2049
    I am not buying this rumour at all! Any smart girl knows you are better off dating a guy your own age, as immature as they may seem(at least they have potential to grow up), than some old dude who is immature on a whole other level, being 40 years old(or whatever) and mentally stuck in your twenty's, not attractive. As for dating one of your dad's friends, gross, what do you say when they ask you out, um, so how old was I when you first started checking me out, did you wait til I was at least 18 before you starting thinking about me that way?! Personally I do not believe that Sherry is one of those messed up girls with daddy issues, think about it people, she is surrounded by her family, works with her dad, uncle and brother. Every time I see Mike mention his kids in interviews he talks about how proud of them he is and how much he loves them. This story just doesn't add up? Mike is all about right and wrong, and he loves his kids, I don't see him being cool with it. Sherry is cute, works on tv and has a great supportive family, she could date anyone she wants, why would she date her dad's clone, GROSS! If Damon was that stupid and unprofessional Mike never would have promoted him to cohost and supervisor, nor would he have trusted him to mentor his kids?

    My guess is some pissed off ex-crew member is spreading rumours on the internet to make Damon look bad and doesn't care that they are hurting Sherry's reputation too. Don't let this nasty gossip get you down girl, you are doing a great job! Damon too, keep up the good work!
  17. Guest4573
    I don't think Mike would mind too much.  After all, is other daughter married a crew guy.  It must be hard for them to maintain relationships with other people due to their work schedule.  They work ALL the time and are around each other constantly.  Maybe thats when things changed and they saw each other in a new light.  Plus, on H.I., he seems smitten with her.
  18. Guest5439
    I know for a fact the two are together.  And what's wrong with that?  It doesn't mean either of them are messed up because the are different ages.  Mike has no problem with it.  He is happy to see them happy. They are both wonderful people, and I believe it is wonderful they have found each other.
  19. Guest143
    He MUST be a closet g*y!  Sherry is basically Mike with longer hair!
  20. Guest5172
    LOL, the only person I have ever seen him flirt with on the show is Carl, I always thought he was kidding around but most of the chatter I see online is about him being g*y so maybe not? I think Damon and Carl make a totally cute couple! As for the siblings, if anything he seems to have a closer relationship to Mike jr, he and Damon have great chemistry. Since none of this is verifiable though its all speculation? I don't take anything I read as fact, even if it says "I know for a fact", LOL, saying that doesn't make it true people. I saw a post from someone that swears they know for a fact he's married? He's probably married to a man and the Sherry rumour is to throw us off of the g*y story!
  21. Guest391
    Whatever.  He can bang whoever he wants.  All I know for a fact is that he's boring as h**l and seems dumb as a brick.  They need to bring mike back.
  22. Guest9804
    Awww! Damon is into girls that look like men!  How cute!
  23. Guest2906
    I'm actually an old high school friend of Sherry's, so I do know the two of them are dating.  You guys are quite rude.  I'm sure all of you look like one of your parents.  The only reason you are being so judgemental is because Mike is famous.  Sherry is beautiful
  24. Guest4589
    People are entitled to their opinions.  Alot of people are creeped out by a guy watching his boss's daughter grow up and then hitting on her.  They didn't "find" each other, they have been "seeing" each other almost daily since Damon started on the show.  Which is exactly why the show is hush hush about it; they know people are creeped out about it.  Yes, she is a cute girl but holy h**l, how can you look at her and not see her dad?  I think its weird for a guy to be into a girl that looks so much like his boss.  I think Damon is the one with "daddy" issues, not Sherry.  He's such a kiss-a*s with Mike anyway.  He needs to be now-better not get into a lover's quarrel or his job will be at stake.
  25. Guest6177
    Wow, this rumour just keeps getting more and more exaggerated?! Damon has been on the shows for quite a while now, mikes kids are pretty young, I'm guessing sherry and mike jr were probably still in high school when he started? Since sherry only started on the show in new orleans its impossible that they have been seeing each other every day since he started working for mike, although I am sure that they did meet prior to new orleans, as mike says he likes having his kids around and I believe I read that she used to work for her dad at the production office? I really do hope people take all of this talk lightly and realize that it really is all just gossip. I could write that I am Carl's cousin and I know for a fact that he and Damon are an item. See how easy that is? Anonymous posts on the internet mean absolutely nothing. Someone could be angry with Damon for being fired and they are trying to make him look unprofessional? Maybe he really is married and sherry has a crush on him and her friends have active imaginations and are trying to cause trouble? Who knows???? All i'm really trying to say is take everything you read online with a grain of salt, hopefully all of these comments are just meant for fun and no one is trying to be malicious or hurtful. At the end of the day their personal lives our none of our business, its an instructional tv show, these people are not actors they are mostly contractors and trades people with a couple of mike's kids on the side.
  26. Guest462
    It was said on the fan forum page (that Mike's other daughter works as a moderator)that he is married.  That was some years ago.  Maybe he's divorced now?
  27. Guest7520
    They met around five years ago when he started working for Mike.  They started dating in New Orleans.  They have been working together and dating since then.  Damon has never been married, as Sherry has said that would have bothered her.  They do not see each other daily, as the show has more then one job site running at a time.  Clearly the fact that her and her father look alike, is not an issue.  There are some crazy rumors swirling around, and I would love to help clear up a few.  Damon is not g*y.  Sherry and Damon are not yet engaged.  They do not have children.  This would be the first time I've even heard about Damon and Carl, but no, that's not true either.
    I don't see why anyone would find their relationship creepy, nor why they would even care.  If you have an issue with it, I would suggest that you don't date anyone older then yourself.
  28. Guest1309
    He had a GF in New Orleans.  Its on the show.  It wasn't Sherry.
  29. Guest3730
    That's an easy answer too.  Damon broke up with her in order to date Sherry.
  30. Guest4448
    I actually met Damon and Sherry at the Toronto Zoo back in July.  They are both very nice people
  31. Guest9181
    I actually met Damon and Sherry at the Toronto Zoo back in July.  They are both very nice people
  32. Guest7765
    1) to whoever is "clearing up the rumors" if you are actually a friend of theirs and are revealing this info, that is totally uncool.  2) who cares anyway?
  33. Guest8759
    You people must have something to hide. Who cares if Damon is dating Sherry good luck to him (she is a very pretty young lady) and would be a great catch for anyone. As long as they are both happy who cares. GET A LIFE YOU MORONS
    If Damon and Sherry are an item good luck to both of you from Australia
  34. Guest5827
    I totally agree with you, Australia!
    Who cares?  Good for them!
  35. Guest9150
    Why do you all care so much?  He's a old man with yellow teeth.  Sherry can have him.  Ick.
  36. Guest780
    I find it funny that even the people who are "clearing things up" contradict each other. I'm not buying any of it, I have a feeling that bored people have just jumped on the band wagon and are amusing themselves by making s**t up.
  37. Guest5531
    It was my friend who was dating Damon in New Orleans, it is true that they are no longer together but they did not break up until the following summer. From what I understood Sherry also had a boyfriend who visited her in New Orleans.
  38. Guest6660
    It was my friend who was dating Damon in New Orleans, it is true that they are no longer together but they did not break up until the following summer. From what I understood Sherry also had a boyfriend who visited her in New Orleans.
  39. Guest6816
    Do you know if they broke up b/c he wanted to date Sherry?   I still don't believe they are together.
  40. Guest9138
    I don't believe it either, I smell BS! All of these people are claiming to know Sherry and there hasn't been a single person claiming to know Damon and wanting to set the record straight. This is just another crazy rumour that will eventually disappear into the endless garbage that is floating around on the internet. It was entertaining to read for about a second but i'm bored already. I wonder who will make a s*x tape first, Sherry or Mike jr?
  41. Guest4229
    That's true too.  Doesn't anybody know Damon?  Maybe his friends and family respect his privacy more than Sherry's.  I don't believe actual friends of hers would talk about her online to a bunch of strangers.
  42. Guest6661
    As a human resources manager I would like to add my two cents to this topic. I feel that some of the comments have romanticized the idea of dating a boss and I would like to clarify that life is not a romance novel or a hollywood movie and this type of situation is considered extremely unprofessional and very uncommon. In fact, I have only had to deal with this problem twice in my entire career. People do not get promoted to supervisory or management positions without first exhibiting a higher degree of professionalism than their peers, and working very hard. Most people are unwilling to risk losing everything they have worked hard to achieve, as well as the respect of their peers, to have a fling with a subordinate. The first thing human resources would do if a supervisor started a relationship with an employee they were responsible for, would be to transfer the subordinate to another department.  
    It is a conflict of interest because it under minds the supervisors authority and directly affects the moral and productivity of everyone that person is in charge of. Even if the supervisor is a 'superhuman' and manages to remain completely impartial at all times, the other subordinates will see favoritism, it is just human nature. If they perceive  that someone is being given preferential treatment they will start to develop feelings of resentment and their work will suffer. Transferring the subordinate will hopefully prevent this from happening. Both times the "relationships" were over within weeks of the transfer. Workplace affairs happen all the time, work is very stressful and people bond over high stress situations but usually the only thing they have in common is work, particularly if there is a considerable age difference.
    It is highly unlikely that these two people are in a relationship as he is her direct supervisor. Even if someone is related to the owner of the company the same rules have to apply, the same reasons apply, it affects moral and productivity. You can't compromise your company to please your kids, it just wouldn't be smart business.
  43. Guest7544
    I have to admit I agree with previous person's assement of the situation.  This is probably just a rumour and Damon and Sherry are just really good friends that someone mistook for romance.

    Mike has stated himself in interviews that Damon was hired due to his professionalism and integrity, and I highly doubt anyone that professional is going to not only 'fool around' with a much younger employee but the boss's youngest daughter.  I have a feeling Mike is not the kind of guy you want pissed at you.

    Also the fact that if said 'romance' doesn't work out or becomes shall we say 'strained' Sherry isn't the one that's would be going.  Too many family members in the company.  And that would possibly be Damon's career down the toilet.

    Somehow I don't think he's quite that 'dumb as a brick' as someone put it.
  44. Guest7585
    One thing I don't get though is, on Holmes Inspection, one of the homeowner's gave him a shirt that said "I'm the boss, Mike's my boss, Sherry's our boss."  That shirt is funny only if he & Sherry are a couple.  Not that I'm saying that's proof that they are, but why else would they do that?
  45. Guest7020
    That's quite an interpretive leap from sherry's our boss to she's dating the boss? When I saw that I took it more literally, as in she's a bit of a spoiled diva on set who acts like she's the boss because of who her dad is? Kind of an inside joke based on the behavior that the home owners observed?
  46. Guest2385
    Or that, as Damon put it during a 'New Orleans' segment that Amanda had been telling him what to do since he met her, so maybe Sherry has taken over that role.  That could be the inside joke.  And there is a segment right after in HI ep that he wanted someone to get him a sharpie......
  47. Guest3018
    I think this topic first came up on his facebook fan page.  Someone noticed that Sherry has posted pics of her & Damon on Mike's fan page (she was once an admin there).  Seemed like Sherry was reading Damon's facebook page b/c once there was chatter about it, she blocked the pics.  People then began speculating if they were a couple or not.