is it a sin for a Christian women to have s*x from behind

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is it a sin for a Christian women to have s*x from behind

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  1. Victor Strong

     I am taking this question to ask whether anal s*x is a sin for a Christian woman, rather than a sexual position from behind. s*x is a sin in the bible if it is one of the following things; adultery (cheating with/when married), fornication (pre-marital s*x) or beastiality (s*x with animals). Anal s*x is never actually refered to in the bible and therefore is a hot topic of debate for Christians. 

    If you are a married Christian couple, what would be bad about you engaging in anal s*x if you are both safe and loving. I personally believe that there is no sin in this and feel that most people would feel the same. Some people believe anal s*x to be unnatural or intended for homosexuals, however this is not necessarily the case. If the anal s*x is pre-marital or homosexual, some people may be opposed, however fewer should feel that way about happily married Christian couples and their likes and dislikes sexually.

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