is paranormal activity based on a true story. Well everyone says its based on a true story then

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Well everyone says its based on a true story then again people say it is not is it?????

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    No it is not. Its a movie directed by a B list movie director named Oren Peli. He was afraid of ghosts himself and had a few paranormal experiences in his house so he made a movie off a 15 grand budget called paranormal activity. It was shown at Slamdance festival in 2007 and than brought before Miramax. It recently was produced by paramount and shown in select theaters to determine critical reception.

  2. Guest5320
    Yes is a true story this happened like three years ago.
  3. Guest3833
  4. Guest6644
    i s**t my pants watchin this movie
  5. Guest1130
    ali get a real name its 3 letters liek seriously grow up and do some research
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