is there any dating websites for Punjabi people

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is there any dating websites for Punjabi people

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  1. Victor Strong

    I have many Punjabi friends having grown up in Brampton, Ontario and know them and their culture superlatively well. In fact, I speak a more than respectable amount of the language and enjoy dancing to Sukshinder Shinda and Diljit Dosanjh. 

    Punjabis are extremely proud of their culture, and rightfully so. They also tend to marry within their religion (some believing in a dated and uneccessary caste system) and enjoy their food, music and culture. Given this as well as the belief in excelling in career and social status mean that people are increasingly seeking compatible and equally successful partners. 

    Websites are a great way for people to meet one another. Online dating allows your geographic compatability range to increase while also providing a venue for like minded people to meet. Here are some popular punjabi dating sites for you to check out. Sat sri akal

    1. Desi Crush -

    2. Indian Dating -

    3. Canadian Desi -

    4. Hindu Punjabi Match -


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