is windows 7 and platinum family tree maker 2008 compatible

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I want to upgrade my computer to windows 7 but before that I want to know that is Platinum Tree Maker 2008 compatible with windows 7 or not.

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    Upgrading the operating system is always fraught with problems and anxiety, and quite often there are compatibility issues . There are some specifications that must be kept in mind and taking the right precautions and gathering the needed materials and hoping for the best while we prepare for the worst, but you can upgrade your PC without losing functionality or without facing any troubleshooting problems .

    There is a Upgrade Advisor that checks the hardware of the PC and also checks its software that is compatible with Windows 7. For the up gradation the hardware needs to be checked if it is not compatible then you have to make it complete in a way that it becomes compatible. Later you have to Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. Under normal condition is there is Vista already running then your hardware must be compatible enough to support the Windows 7.

    After the clean and fresh installations of Microsoft Word you have to set up the users and the network as well. Then reinstall the drivers and programs and it is a must that you move the data back into the place. It is better to install the new and latest version than you upgrade the Windows. There is a lot of heavy stuff or garbage that a Windows can accumlate so therefore it is necessary to clean the Operating System


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