justin bieber's phone number

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justin bieber's phone number

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  1. Guest8891

     Hi, I'm Justin Bieber,

    I'm afraid I can't give you my cell phone number but why don't you write to me at ?  I have loads of time on my hands at the moment and am just dying to meet teenage girls to chat about my lovely smooth face and non threatening ways. I might not respond right away because I'm probably stuck in an autotune feedback loop or scrabbling at the walls of reality like a demented caged fox, but I try to answer as many emails as possible. 

    Even though I get thousands of girls literally throwing themselves at me every day I still haven't found that special girl who inspires my insipid pop dirge. Why is it so hard to just find a NICE girl with good American values and great t**s? Not that I would really know what to do with them.  To be honest I've had more experience in the locker room if you know what I mean. But ladies, if you need tips on that you need only ask. 

    Anyway, better go now. I've got to wax my hairy bits, read The Secret and knock one out with a bag on my head. O fate, be fickle, fate. 




  2. Guest3377

     i hate u

  3. Guest5656

     hi JB when is ur next concert?

  4. Guest8843

    Hi Justin I want you to come to something that my friend Joseph and I Kailey are doing in the summer after I go to camp and I going to in my naberhood and I want you to come and sing with me and if you want to, im not makeing you and if you do come you have to bring your band and someone that you want to bring like a friend or a family member and I live on 15 lendel rd and im 12 years old to let you know and we will pay you 40 dollors dipends how much money we make and this is for chereidy and we dont have drums we dont have catars ether but we do have a mic but its a mic for catar hero its fun but someone pulled the fire alam at school this year and I want to help my school and I go to Breed Middle school its some times fun and know. you.   

  5. Guest1156

    what the world is going on justin bieber is smoking hot


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