kamran khan Rajasthan Royals Rookie

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kamran khan Rajasthan Royals Rookie is backed by Shane Warne to heat things up in this upcoming ipl 2009 in south africa. Shane Warne, the Rajasthan Royals captain, has named Kamran Khan, a 18-year-old rookie left-arm fast bowler, as one of the players to watch out for in the IPL starting in Cape Town on Saturday.

He shared his shortlist of Rajasthan's potential stars of this IPL with the South Africa-based Sunday Times newspaper and included Kamran, who bowled just one over against Cape Cobras in a warm-up on Saturday.  

Indian media reported that Kamran, who bowled Cobras' Justin Ontong with an off-stump yorker in that over, is the son of a woodcutter who gained his shoulder strength from cutting wood in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh in north India. He is yet to play first-class cricket and was reportedly signed by Rajasthan Royals for Rs12 lakh (US$24,000) a year after Darren Berry, the assistant coach, spotted him at a local tournament in Mumbai.

The team, which had nicknames for each player to pin down his role in the side, is reportedly on the verge of finalising one for Kamran. "We've got one young player who's going to be very interesting," Warne said. "We're tossing up now what his nickname is going to be -- Wild Thing or Tornado, something like that. Kamran Khan is a young kid, a left-armer, a slinger, he doesn't speak much English at the moment. He's a tiny little guy but he bowls 140 plus.

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  1. Guest5241
    Kamran Khan didn't do that bad in his first match against the Bangalore on april 18, 2009 in cape town, South Africa. Kamran bowled three overs and gave 21 runs at 7 runs per over.  He had number of slinggers coming down at 140m/h; things are only going to get better for this lad.

  2. Guest7352
  3. Guest2884
    Might have a probem with his action. Could be chucking...
  4. Guest2167
    Kamran khan is the real deal that the world cricket was waiting for; corporate world better grab up the sponsorship rights soon before his price jumps way up.  look at his latest wickets.
    Kamran Khan to Bopara, OUT, wicket first ball, for the second time today after Kallis in the first game. This is a run-out, after Bopara is beaten by an inswinger. Goel wants a quick leg-bye, Bopara sees Jadeja swoop in quickly from square leg and refuses to run. Jadeja throw it to Asnodkar, who backs up from mi-off and finds Goel short

    Kamran Khan to Pathan, OUT, If Warne can't, his prodigy will, off the inside edge, this is full and fast, and Irfan looks to go off side, but is late into it, and gets a thick inside edge onto the stumps. This will pull Punjab back after a superb partnership

    Kamran Khan to Sangakkara, OUT, and he is run out, poor thinking by Chawla, Sanga is beaten by the short delivery, but wants to come through for a bye, but Chawla doesn't respond, and Sanga is caught yards short. Agreed there wasn't a single there, but Chawla should have sacrificed his wicket to keep Sanga on strike
  5. Guest9418
    Read Kamran Khan's life story by click on the link above.
  6. Guest5892
    your friend royaz khan
  7. Guest3032
    he is a destiny boy and wid hs hardwork and destiny he will succeed............
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