kitchen supply stores in Ontario.

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I have just shifted to Ontario from Florida, got a new job here, I have got everything here from a house to a car, the thing that matters now is from where should I get kitchen supplies, any insight on kitchen supply stores in Ontario?

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  1. James Harley

     Here is a list of some of the stores in Ontario that deal in Kitchen supplies.

    Cayne's - The Super Housewares Store

    Shop Cayne's store for Appliances, Bakeware, Bathroom Accessories, Cookware, Cutlery, Giftware, Housewares, Kitchen Linens, Pantryware, and Tableware. (Thornhill, Ontario)

    Echo's - Discontinued China

    Echo's buy & sell discontinued Chian, Silver, Stainless Flatware, Antiques, Collectibles, and Decorative items. They specialize in liquidating estates. Call 1-800-663-6004 (Vancouver, B.C.)

    Unique Homeware - Unique Products

    Shop the Unique Homeware website for hand finished stainless steel Cookware, Bakeware, and more unique items. Call Toll Free across Canada. Free Shipping. (Delta, British Columbia)

    Kitcherama - Elegant and Practical Kitchen Tools

    Kitcherama's Online store offers uniquely elegant and practical kitchen tools,and Kitchen Accessories and Gadgets of esthetic quality. Call Toll Free across Canada. (Montreal, Quebec)

    Lee Valley - Unique Kitchen Products

    Shop Lee Valley for Knives, Spice Containers, Outdoor Cooking, Thermometers, and many more unique items. Call for a Free Catalogue Toll Free across Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario)

    Paderno - Stainless Steel Cookware and more...

    Shop the online store for Paderno Cookware, Chaudier Cookware, Paderno Bakeware, Paderno Cutting Boards and Paderno Utensils. Call Toll Free.(Winsloe, Prince Edward Island)

    International Housewares - Brand Name Housewares

    International Houseswares sells Corelle Corningware, Small Appliances, Stainless Steel Colanders, Dinnerware, Serving Platters, and more at discount prices. (Mississauga, Ontario)

    Canadian House and Home - Home and Style

    Everything for the home: Shop on-line at Canadian House and Home for home décor, gardening supplies, Kitchen Supplies, books on home decorating, and crafts. (Toronto, Ontario)

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