latin. I need help translating a simple phrase from english to latin

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I need help translating a simple phrase from english to latin

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    Latin America is called that because they speak a Latin language, Spanish, or they speak Portuguese, another Latin language.

    Latin is an ancient dead language originally spoke by the Romans (the present day Italians). They conquered the many countries around and their language, Latin by them, evolved over time in the different regions under their rule. So, we got the 5 Latin languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Rumanian).

    Hence, the regions of America where people speak a Latin language since they were originally conquered by Spain, were always known as "Latin America".

    I got that teaching in my country of origin, Cuba. Then I moved to America and learned that they use the term here very loosely and during the last years they grouped all people from Latin American countries under the term "Latin". That is not proper. It upsets me that they group people, as they do with the black community and with the native Americans, for political gains.

    As a Cuban, I refused to identify myself as a "Latino", because I hate the fact that they identify the term with a race. It never had a race connotation in the dictionaries I have read.... Because of my national origin, I can be very black, very white, or a mulatto (a mixed of these two). Europeans do not identify themselves as "latin europeans"; but if you want to do so, you can call the French, the Italians, the Spaniards, the Portuguese and the Rumanian, LATINS.

    In my country, Cuban, any white is more European, and any black is more African than the so called anglos and blacks of North America. If you study a little Cuban history you will find out that Cuba is the younger Republic on this side of the world. Our roots are the freshest. You will rarely find a Cuban saying, "my family came from Ireland (or German, or X, or Y) in the 18th Century. Many of us are second or third generation Cubans. However, we call ourselves Cubans, not Spanish Cuban, not Afro Cubans....

    I wanted to explain the "latin" term to you but I got carried away by my discomfort with the very racist America. I am sorry about that. Other than that, I should add that I love our country, America, very much.

    Good luck with your research.

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