liquor cocktails served around the World.

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what are the different liquor cocktails served around the World?

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  1. James Harley

     Following is the list of cocktails that people usually drink all around the world.

    Tom Collins: Tom Collins is a cocktail made from sugar syrup, lemon juice and Gin together mixed to form tom collins, the name "Tom Collins"is derived from the old Tom Collins Gin which is not found nowadays so people serve them in Tom Collins glass which is a tall glass, found in bars nowadays.

    Mint Julep: Mint Julep is made from sugar syrup, a dozen young mint leaves and 2 or 3 dashes of angostura bitters, Mint julep is made by bruising the mint leaves and blending them to the drink, it is usually served in a tall glass.

    Gin Sling: The Gin Sling is made with 3 ounces of Gin, sugar syrup and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, These ingredients are combined and filled with soda water and usually served in Goblet glasses.

    El Presidente: The El Presidente is served in an old fashioned glass is made by combining 1 part of French vermouth 3 parts of rum and a dash of grenadine.

    Daiquiri: Daiquiri is made from 1 part sugar syrup mixed with 2 parts of lime juice and 8 parts white rum usually Bacardi is used and is served in an old fashioned or cocktail glasses.

    Sazerac: Fill small old fashioned glasses with 1 teaspoon of sugar syrup with 3 dashes of bitters and 2 – 2.5 ounces whiskey.

    Margarita: Margarita is one of the most common cocktails people drink in bars, it is made of 1 part tequila with a part Cointreau (or any orange liqueur) mixed with part lime juice combined with crushed ice.

    Sidecar: a sidecar is made with a part of cointreau with 2 parts lemon juice and 8 parts brandy served in a glass of your own choice.

    Manhattan: Manhatten is made by stirring a part of Italian vermouth with 5 parts of whiskey and a dash of angostura.

    Martini: Martini is one of the most controversial cocktails served in bars world wide made with a part of Lillet Vermouth (French) and 7 parts of best quality gin stirred together in a bar glass.

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