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I am an art student and I want to know the list of top 100 art supply store in Canada.

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  1. Guest2492

     Arts has always been my favourite subject though never got enough time to practice :)

    here are few in know in montana

    Mastering   Dreamweaver

    Mastering Macromedia Flash MX

    AGFA / Monotype Classic Fonts

    ITC Classic Fonts       65   Adobe Software


    Clip Art

    Stock Photos.

    Art Supplies for Kids

    Mehndi Henna Tattoos Body Painting   Kit  


  2. Guest4256

     Pictionary   Drawing Games

    Who What Where Drawing Game

    Cadoo Drawing & Sculpting Game

    Sculptorades Sculpting Game

    Cloodle Drawing Game

    Creative Gifts.

    Boby Artist's Taboret

    Ten-Drawer Organizer

    Multiple Drawer Steel Cabinets

    Wood Flat Files

  3. Guest8645

     Print Racks / Art Carts

    Combination Studio Lamp 

    Artist's Daylight Easel Lamp

    Magnifier Scope

    Hobby Lamps

    Collapsible Stool

    Workspace Diesel Industrial Stool

    Drafting Stools

    Drafting Tables / Drawing Boards.

    Sapphire Brush Set



  4. Guest5627

    HOW Graphic Design Magazine

    Computer Arts Magazine

    Print Magazine

    Artist & Illustrator Magazines

    Design Books

    Adobe Books

    Color Guides (CMYK, RGB, Pantone, Prepress)

    Packaging, Ad & Poster Design Books

    Adobe Graphics & Design Software

    Wooden Horse Manikin

  5. Guest7463

    Art Explosion   Publisher Pro

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Photoshop

    Greeting Card Factory Deluxe

    Nova Photo Objects 150,000 (Mac)

    Mastering Adobe Creative Suite

    National Geographic Photo Gallery

    Digital Image Suite

    Inside Final Cut Express Training   (Mac)

    Mastering Adobe Premiere  

  6. Guest2785

    • Watercolor   Travel Kit

    • Mehndi Henna Tattoos Body Painting   Kit

    • Airbrush Sets

    • Calligraphy Sets

    • Oriental Brushes

    • Acrylic Sets

    • Sumi-e Set.

    • Art Paper

    • Stationery Paper

    • Decorative Papers

  7. Guest157

    MacBook   Protective Cases      

    Computer Lap Desks.      

    Articulated Manikins      

    Color Manikins

    pantone Tria Marker Set

    Pantone Formula Guides      

    Faber-Castell Sets          

    Moleskine Sketchbook & Notebook      

    Sketch Pads          

    Drafting Tables / Drawing Boards

  8. Guest7079
    Heres my list of top art supply shops in the canada.
    L. Cornelissen & Son,
    Graphic Centre, Covent Garden,
    Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd. Used to be Falkiner Fine Papers,
    Atlantis Art Materials,
    Cowling & Wilcox,
    Intaglio Printmaker,
    Cass Art,
  9. Guest3240

     Sumi-e Set.  

    Adobe Creative Suite

    Adobe Dreamweaver

    ClipArt 1.5 Million

    Dover Electronic Clip Art Series

    PhotoImpact Pro

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    Paul Cezanne Fonts

    Rodin / Michelangelo Fonts

    Art Explosion 800,000

  10. Guest2372

     1   Art Form   Mobiles

    2   Leonardo da Vinci Posters &   Prints

    3   Claude Monet Fine Art Prints

    4   M.C. Escher Fine Art Prints

    5   Wassily Kandinsky Fine Art Prints

    6   Art Posters

    7   Celebrity and Movie Character   Stand-Ups

    8   Men Leaning Bookends

    9   Men Pushing Bookends

    10   Computer Backpacks / Carrying Cases

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