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I am considering to start costume rental business but I want to have an insight of the business before starting. Could you please give me the list of top 100 Costume Rental business companies in world.

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  1. Guest210

    list of some famous business costume rental companies;

    • T Blomen

    • Ventoux

    • Wedding king

    • Spring king

    • Maj

    • Klunder, Groningen, Netherlands

    • Ellojay, Ruinerwold, Netherlands

    • Incotrain, Leusden, Netherlands

    • Betcha, Enschede, Netherlands

    • Cellovaria, Maastricht, Netherlands

    • Arto, Winssen, Netherlands

    • Vlootzeil, Meerkerk, Netherlands

    • Icomo, Bakel, Netherlands

    • Otter, Giethoorn, Netherlands

    • Trital, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

    • Chantilly, Eindhoven, Netherlands

    • Ceestijn, Veldhoven, Netherlands

    • Topbimini, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • A Somers, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

    • Idak, Etten-Leur, Netherlands

    • Stouthart, Farmsum, Netherlands

    • Mabagiwi, Koudekerke, Netherlands

    • A Mierop, Ouddorp Zh, Netherlands

    • Lydison, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands

    • Feestwinkel, Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands

    • Topsound, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands

    • Aquasports, Katwijk Zh, Netherlands

    • Wilgenhof, Luyksgestel, Netherlands

    • Sportmaffian, Funasdalen, Sweden

    • Miljodagstift, Karlskrona, Sweden

    • Seilpartner As, Asker, Norway


  2. Guest8091

    Some famous costume rental companies;

    o Beijing Xianggelila Garment Rental Company

    o Beijing Huangcun Land Rental Company

    o Rental Housing Company (Pty) Ltd

    o Costume Transfer Company Ltd

    o Chengdu Junhao Vehicle Tenancy Special Business Vehicle Tenancy Company

    o Hangzhou Baijia Passenger Transport Business Auto Leasehold Company

    o Qingdao Construction Machine Tools Lease Business Company

    o Business Prestige Company

    o Ningbo Jiangdong Xinshi Rental Industry Company

    o Handan Qihao Automobile Rental Driving-Accompanying Service Company

    o Guangzhou Liquid Crystal Tv Rental Company

    o Pro Audio Rental Company Snc Di Mino' Alessandra Maria Cristin & C

    o Judr Jan Belko - Rental Company

    o Heritage Business Advisors Pty Ltd

    o The Foswil Satellite Phone Rental Company Pty Ltd

    o Marinett

    o Cykladen

    o Tennison

    o Zadig

    o Paljas

    o Impression

    o Telerent

    o Lomabrin

    o Liroz

    o Chocodrome

    o Glimage

    o Motorent, Heerlen, Netherlands

    o Kidspartytime, Mijdrecht, Netherlands

    o Gerzon


  3. Guest3229

    Following list of some famous costume rental companies:

    1. Berman & Company Limited

    2. The Seahorse Company B V

    3. N T C Zonnehemels (Nordic Trading Company)

    4. Canal Company B V

    5. Joey's Company B V

    6. Beijing Huanrun Garment Tenancy Company

    7. Guangzhou Shanghuajiao Wedding Gowns Company

    8. Bike & Business B V

    9. Belgian Business Club B V

    10. Regus Business Service Co , Ltd

    11. Company Business Rentals

    12. Meijer-Van Dam Investments And Trading Company B V

    13. Chinese Academy Of Sciences Chengdu Branch Labour Duty Company

    14. Ballina Heritage & Costume Company Ltd

    15. F Van Der Zwaag Holding B V

    16. Shenzhen Business Car Lease Company

    17. Hangzhou Business Car Tenancy Company

    18. Harbin Business Tourism Taxi Company

    19. Guangzhou Natai Business Service Company

    20. Guangzhou Crane Rental Company

  4. Guest2646

    Here is following list of some top famous costume rental business companies of world;

    Alicia's Costumes Rentals (Alicia's Costumes Design)

    Custom Costumes Of Rochester Inc (Costume Rental)

    Andre & Delphine (Costume Rental)

    Backdoor Costumes (Backdoor Costumes Rentals)

    Some Other Time, Incorporated (Costumes Etc)

    Sophia's Great Dames Vintage (Sophias Costume Rentals & Sls)

    Whittier High School (Whittier Costume Rentals)

    Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (Costume Closet)  

    Spinelli's Costume Rental (Spinelli Costume Rental)

    Castaways Costume Rentals (Castaways Costume Rentals)

    Costume Rentals By Pat (Costume Rental By Pat's)

    Costumes & More (Costumes & More Tuxedo Rental)

    Roy's Costumes & Formal Wear (Roys Rental & Costume Service)

    Tina's Tots Daycare (Tina's Costume & Clown Rental)

    Theatre CO (Theatre Company Costume Rental)

    Beryl Mascott (Costume Depot)

    Brothers Janitorial Supply (Kelley's Costumes)

    Out Of Past Costume Rentals

    Costume Rentals (Millersville Univ Costume Sp)

    K & G Costumes (K&G Costume)


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