list of top 100 Phosphate Rock Mining

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I just want the list of top 100 Phosphate Rock Mining companies. Please provide the list if you know.

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  1. Guest7518

    • Abacus Mining & Exploration (TSX: AME)

    • Aber Diamond Corporation (NASDAQ: ABER)

    • Acclaim Exploration NL (AEX.AX)

    • Acero-Martin Exploration Inc (TSXV: ASD)

    • Active Control Technology Inc. (TSXV: ACT)

    • Adanac Moly Corp (TSXV: AUA)

    • Adriana Resources Inc (TSXV: ADI)

    • Agrium Inc (TSX: AGU, NYSE: AGU)

    • African Copper PLC (TSX: ACU)

    • African Gold Group Inc (TSXV: AGG)

    • Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corp (TSXV: AFA)

    • African Metals Corp (TSXV: AFR)

    • Africo Resources Ltd (TSX: ARL)

    • Agnico Eagle (NYSE: AEM)

    • Alamos Gold Inc (TSX: AGI)

    • Alberta Star Development Corp (TSXV: ASX)

    • Albidon Ltd (ALB.AX)

    • Alcoa Inc (NYSE: AA)

    • Aldershot Resources Ltd (TSXV: ALZ)

    • Aldridge Minerals Inc (TSXV: AGM

    • Alexandria Minerals Corp (TSXV: AZX)

    • Alexco Resource Corp (TSX: AXR)

    • Alexis Minerals Corporation (TSXV: AMC)

    • Alhambra Resources Ltd (TSXV: ALH)

    • Allegheny Technologies Inc (NYSE: ATI)

    • Alliance Resource Partners LP (NASDAQ: ARLP)

    • Alma Resources Ltd (TSXV: ALV)

    • Almaden Minerals Ltd (TSX: AMM)

    • Alpha Natural Resources Inc (NYSE: ANR)

    • Altai Resources Inc (TSXV: ATI)

    • Altima Resources Ltd (TSXV: ARH)

    • Altius Minerals Corp (TSX: ALS)

    • Alto Ventures Ltd (TSXV: ATV)

    • Alturas Minerals Corp (TSXV: ALT)

    • Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd (NYSE: ACH)

    • Amanta Resources Ltd (TSXV: AMH)

    • Amera Resources Corp (TSX: AMS, OTC: AJRSF)

    • American Bonanza Gold Corp (TSXV: BZA)

    • American Creek Resources Ltd (TSXV: AMK)

    • Amarillo Gold Corp (TSXV: AGC)

    • Anaconda Gold Corp (TSX: ANX)

    • Andina Minerals Inc (TSXV: ADM)

    • Andover Ventures Inc (TSXV: AOX)

    • Anglo American (NASDAQ: AAUK)

    • Anglo Canadian Uranium Corp (TSXV: URA)

    • Anglo Swiss Resources Inc (TSXV: ASW)

    • Anooraq Resources Corp (TSX: ANO)

    • Apex Silver Mines Ltd (AMEX: SIL)


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