list of top 100 Recreational Day Camps (except Instructional)

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Please send me the list of top 100 Recreational Day Camps (except Instructional).

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     Parks and Recreation functions Summer Day Camps citywide in July and August for young children ages 6 to 13. All Parks’ summer bivouacs are allowed by the Department of Health’s Day Camp Bureau. Camps offer day-long undertakings for young children that integrate the creative pursuits, athletics, fitness, computer direction, learning, and fun. Campers take not less than two area journeys per week to some of New York’s large heritage and informative institutions.

    Parks sprints summer bivouac programs in recreation hubs citywide for young children ages 6-13 (except for Raymond O'Connor Camp). Please call the one-by-one hubs for exact information.

    Each week, your progeny will:

    •         go on journeys to locations like zoos, reserves, repositories, NYC enticements, and other stimulating heritage and informative institutions

    •         participate in sports and fitness activities

    •         create creative pursuits & home wares projects

    •         play group construction and recreational games

    •         learn computers and technology

    •         swim at our pools

    •         and more!


    Summer bivouac will take location from July 5 through August 19, 2011.


    Regular day bivouacs (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.): $500

    Extended day bivouacs (8 a.m. – 6 p.m.): $575 – Currently not suggested at Red Hook, Staten Island or Queens.


    Online Summer Camp Registration completed on March 13. If you are involved in listing your progeny in our Summer Camp Programs, delight visit the recreation hubs recorded underneath to entire an application.

    The next recreation hubs may have accessible spots:

    •         Bronx

    St. James Recreation Center

    St. Mary's Recreation Center

    Hunts Point Recreation Center

    •         Manhattan

    Tony Dapolito Recreation Center (Camp Carmine)

    Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center

    Hansborough Recreation Center

    •         Queens

    Vic Hanson Field House



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