list of top 100 Snack Food Manufacturing

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Kindly send me the list of top 100 Snack Food Manufacturing companies.

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  1. Guest8304

    Few snack food manufacturing companies

    Axium Foods, Barcelona Nut Company

    Barrel O'Fun Snack Foods

    Bien Padre Foods LLC

    Black Jewell Popcorn Inc

    Cape Cod Potato Chips



    Dahlgren & Co

    Dean &DeLuca

  2. Guest8607

     Golden Flake,

    Grippo Potato Chip Co. Inc,

    Hanover Foods Corporation,

    Heritage Family Specialty Foods Inc.,

    Hermans Nut House ,

    Herr Foods Inc,

    Hillson Nut Co,

    Husman Snack Food Company,

    John B. Sanfilippo & Son,

    Inc./Fisher Nuts,

    Josephs Lite

  3. Guest7511

    •  Aperitivos Flaper SA

    • ASTRA Food Processing Plant Company

    • ATOP Food Products

    • AUEVSS Limited (Fryo Potato Chips)

    • Bag Snacks

    • BahlsenPvt Ltd.

    • Ballreichs Bros Inc

    • BB foods

    • Better Made Snack Food Company

    • Bickels Snack Foods In

  4. Guest7724

     Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd

    Wise Foods Inc., Warburtons

    VMF Continental Snacks

    Vin Mart Ltd, Utz Quality Foods, Inc

    , Troyer Farms Snack Foods

    Tim's Cascade Snacks

    The Yorkshire Crisp Company Limited

    The Snack Factory Inc

    Soulful Foods Inc

  5. Guest9073

    Detroit Popcorn Co.,

    Diaz Foods,

    Durham/Ellis Pecan Co.

    Evans Food,

    Excelline Foods Inc,

    Fisher Nut Company,

    Fisher Nuts,

    Frito-Lay Inc.,


    Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation

  6. Guest8179

     Landshire Sandwiches,

    Leon's Texas Cuisine,

    Little Crow Foods,

    Lulu's Desserts,

    MW Polar Foods,

    Martin's Potato Chips Inc,

    Masterfoods, Mexi-Snax Inc.,

    Mister Bee Potato Chips,

    Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co.

  7. Guest4022

    List of snack food manufacturing companies; 

    Snack Brands Australia

    Snack Alliance

    SM Dyechem Limited

    SirHowy Valley Foods Limited

    Sibirsky Bereg

    Shearers Foods Inc

    Red Mill Snack Foods

    Rap Snacks Inc

    Prakash Snacks Pvt Ltd


  8. Guest5658

     Kabobs Inc.,

    Kar Nut Products Co.,

    Keebler Company,

    Keystone Pretzel ,

    King Nut Co.,

    Kings Quality Foods,

    Kitchen Cooked Inc,

    Klein Bros., Ltd.,

    Kwik Trip, Lance Inc.

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