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by Guest313  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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im getting a prompt to debug when i try to load zynga poker  also when i log in to facebook my taskbar reads Facebook (2)    please help

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  1. Guest6137
    my experience points are not increasing... i tried clearing my browser cache. it worked. but later on the problem started again! the experience point currently is level 69(Ace) 3501/3942 even if i win hands it remains the same. why?

  2. Guest3615
    I recently recieved an email from zynga poker chips and gold stating that I had won 50,000,000 chips and 20 gold points. When I responded it stated that I would get these new perks in 24 hours. This was 2 days ago and still no additions. Did you send these or should I be asking someone else? Plese respond. thank you
  3. Guest7755
    i payed £13 for chips on facebook and dint not get them but the money was takein out of my bank how do i get my chips or money bank thanks
  4. Guest2257

    cant get on my acount

  5. Guest3921

    cant get on my acount

  6. Guest4320

     same problem in my poker   ............... wat to do ?

  7. Guest9351

    I recieved a message saying Last Warning  Yexas Hold em center 2011. It says if I don't contact this person my account will be suspended

  8. Guest3285

     i receive a warning for transferring chips by loosing which i din't do!!!!

  9. Guest2888

    saya sangat terkejut ketika melihat chip dalam akun saya sudah diDOH/BANNET,padahal 20 menit yang lalu chip dalam akun saya masih utuh dan saya pun kirim untuk teman saya tidak menyalahi ketentuan yang dibuat oleh zynga team.saya mohon pada zynga poker agar chip saya yg tadinya 13M dikembalikan karena saya sudah bersusah payah memenangkannya.ttd akun

  10. Guest7987

    i had 150mil taken bye zynga from my account on my space account lastnight no reason given.zynga this is not fair as i bought these chips,but i see promote cheats and bot on this game.If you guys had ask me what happen i would given you the truth what happen.My account on facebook was compromise bye a hacker i had no time to save my chips so i put them over on my space account. I know you guys see this as a breach off the rules,but please tell me when us player agreed to have bots and hackers that you promote on this game my rights as a player of zynga poker my civil libertys have been breach.

  11. Guest3058

    i bought the chips 90 millions 2 weeks ago then i won up to 248 millions then somsone moved my Face book account to different place took all my chips, i just got back my account . i don't have any buddy lists how do they get in my account?only zynga took my chips i try to email to zynga support the website is not there and email to zynga support no response i don't know what to do...i think zyanga is a scamming websites....

  12. Guest5683

    Could you remove a securitu alert from my poker ? I traveled from one country to another and tried to come into z poker in Singapure. Since then, I can't play...Please, help me.

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