looking for a small town couple in il.or in looking to adopt a baby boy

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my 16 yr old is due in dec.we are looking for a small town couple,we have always lived in small towns and to be honest big cities scare me.alot more crime and more crzy people to worry about. my daughter is not ready and  am a single mother,my job takes me out of town for 2-3 days a week.i will not be home full time for this baby and feel my daughter can not do it alone.she feels the same.we are not looking for rich snooty people.down to earth people with everyday problems like we me at

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  1. Guest9425
    Hi! I wanted to see how the situation is?! I commend you so much for doing what you feel is best. I hope you have been strong! I was a teen mother, and I know the obstacles! God bless you all!

  2. Guest203
    We are a happy family that lives in a small town with great school . We are wanting to adopt so badly . Please contact us
  3. Guest2384
    would you consider placing the child outside illinois , we live in NC in a small town
  4. Guest9025
    Hi cheryl,
    My husband and I do live in a small small town in Idaho.  We are a very close family, and are close to the rest of my family, they all live in the same town as I do.  My husband and I have been wanting to adopt for some time now, due to my last pregnancy I can't have anymore children and to have another baby to add to the family I cry every day about that it would make my very happy.  If you want to talk to us more and get to know us more Cheryl please contact us, and email us at, we hope to hear from you and hope you consider us to become parents to your baby boy.
    Amanda and Kris
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