looking for the 8th class Faisalabad board result my roll no is 95-198-316

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I am anxiously looking for my 8th class result, i gave my exams through the Faisalabad board, and my roll number is 95-198-316. I have been searching for my result on internet, but I couldn’t get the desired information. I would like to have the complete result of my whole class, therefore recommend me a site from where I can get the complete 8th class result details. Please help me in this regard.

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  1. Guest5457

    All Punjab boards, have released their 8th and 5th  class results, you can download complete PDF file of the Faisalabad board result for the year 2011, through this online source: The best thing about this online source is  that, you can even access the faislabad board result for class 8th, 2010. Internet has definitely made the availability of information easy, you can seek any sort of information through this medium. Now, you don'thave to wait  and worry about your result, within a time span of few seconds you cn access your desired information. 

    The PDF file documents that you will download, have  results of all the school's that appeared in 8th class examination in Faisalabad board. You can compare your school’s result with other institutions, and can gauge your school’s performance.

  2. Guest3251

     Dear, anonymous student, you can get 8th class Faisalabad board result details through the Faisalabad board’s official web page, which can be accessed through this online source:  Besides this source you can access, this link too; Hopefully you will get your desired information.

  3. Guest7434

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