mark everett child star gets killed

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mark everett child star got shot by cops, does anyone know what happend?

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    Manuel Benitez (September 28, 1969 – December 23, 2008), who went by the stage name Mark Everett, was a former American child actor in Hollywood films and a fugitive wanted by the FBI for the murder of his girlfriend in 2004. On December 23, 2008, he was shot and killed by police officers responding to a hostage situation in El Monte, California.

    On December 23, 2008, police received a call about a suspicious man with a child. A police officer and witnesses noticed a man taking a boy off the sidewalk and then go into a restaurant in El Monte, California. Soon after that, a hostage standoff ensued and Benitez ignored the officers' orders to stop and barricaded himself inside the restaurant bathroom with his son.Benitez told police during negotiations that he was going to shoot police and harm his seven-year-old son whom he held hostage for two hours. One employee of a nearby Mexican restaurant said Benitez had the boy in a headlock and held a gun to his head as he sought a place to hold him.

    Police closed nearby streets, and shoppers were evacuated from neighboring stores as dozens of police officers and other emergency crews surrounded the restaurant. Police threw a flash-bang grenade inside and exchanged gunfire with Benitez, killing him. Benitez was declared dead at the Chinese restaurant in an El Monte strip mall. His son was shot in the thigh but is in stable condition.

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