markings on gold rings

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markings on gold rings

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  1. amomipais82
    As for the other marks you described, I believe your ring is British.   Why?  The first clue is the 9 and 375.  The 9 means 9 karat gold and the 375 is the numerical way of saying 9 karat.   The numerical mark is figured this way:  Consider that pure gold is called 24 karat and is “twenty four parts pure gold” to 24 parts in all.    Your ring is 9 karat, meaning 9 parts of pure gold in the metal mix making the jewelry gold;  the rest is other metal used to make gold workable for jewelry, mainly silver and copper with perhaps a trace amount of some other metals.    The number 375 comes from this:  9/24 = .375

    Numerical marks for other karats of gold are figured the same way and so is sterling silver.  The exception is 14 karat which is really 583 and some jewelry is marked 583, showing it is 14 karat.  However, for some reason many makers of 14 karat gold use slightly more gold and the mark is generally 585, or slightly higher than 14 karat.

    The other marks are also clues that the ring is of British origin.  These appear to be “assay office” marks.  In Britain, precious metal items must go to a government assay office to be verified and marked as to metal content.  Each assay office also has its special mark to show where the assay was done.  

    Take a look at these marks on the following websites and see if you find the other marks in your inherited ring.  With allexperts, the links are not active and you need to copy and paste to your browser to get the websites.

    Best wishes and do enjoy the ring.

  2. Guest2271
    IBG then what looks like a faint z but without the top line - then 14K, which obviously means 14 Karat gold except the K doesn't look complete - it looks more like just a vertical line.

    What is the IBG?
  3. Guest1779
    what does 10k PC mean on the inside of a ring
  4. Guest5952
    What does 9 AN mean on a white gold ring
  5. Guest6386
    I would like the matching wedding band to my engegement ring.  Trying to find out who made it.  Inside is marked "US @" but the @ symbol is a "c" and not an "a".
  6. Guest4048
  7. Guest8079
    what does( T & PT ) mean?
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