master ball cheat code

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the code




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    the masterball chaet code is EAFF0DEFF021?
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    How do I put in the code for Pokemon Master balls in Pokemon Diamond version.  I want to catch creselia and mesprit.
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    Whats the master ball cheat code for pokemon leaf green on vba (visual boy advanced) ???...
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     The Master Ball is a variety of Poké Ball and arguably the rarest of all Poké Ball variants. The Master Ball first appeared in the Gym Challenge expansion, and in the games the most powerful of the Poké Balls, provides a vastly different effect than the standard.

    The cheat codes for master balls are:

    94000130 fcff0000

    b21c4d28 00000000

    b0000004 00000000

    000000f5c 03e70001

    d2000000 00000000






    Activate this code by pressing L & R at the same time and check your balls bag. These codes will however remove the first ball in your ball bag.

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