mastribution is good or bad for health?

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mastribution is good or bad for health?

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  1. jane

    You loose bio-energy of the body, which is stored in crown chakra inside head. When you ejaculate, did you ever notice that something getting sucked downwards from inside the head? The deep sleep thereafter also results. If you try excess masturbation you will soon have erectile dysfunction. Just as our life is determined in terms of how many breaths, sexual life is determined in terms of how many ejaculations. Ask any middle aged gentleman. The period of active s*x reduces by excess s*x.

    Hope it helps

  2. Guest8280
    None of any of these sentences from the previous answer are based on scientific work and examination. They are just as ridiculous as those idiotic middle ages/victorian era claims that masturbation makes you blind and causes male genitals to shrivel up and become blue.  

    According to professional s*x education experts, masturbation is normal, healthy and can help to stimulate greater sexual activity later on.
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