meeting the logo test for windows xp.

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i am trying to install my pacific digital memory frame and it says that the hardware updates are not compatible with windows xp

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    The release of Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition and
    Windows XP Professional on October 25, 2001 will create an
    unprecedented opportunity for the personal computing industry.
    In addition to new PC purchasers, Microsoft is actively targeting
    350 million Windows 95 and Windows 98 generation users with
    this new platform, new look, new capabilities, and new PC
    The release of Windows XP creates tremendous new business
    opportunities for hardware and software vendors – opportunities
    that will exceed even those offered by the release of Windows 95.
    In the first year of release, Microsoft will spend more on marketing
    Windows XP than it ever has before with a new product. As part of the larger
    goal of creating a better user experience, we can work together to take the
    next step in solving the difficult usability issues in personal computing, and
    ultimately win new PC users. By creating a better experience, we will attract
    new users who have never used a PC before, and will encourage present
    users to upgrade their hardware and software to take advantage of this
    ease of use and the new computing experience. But it will take the efforts
    of everyone to be successful.
    Windows XP–Focusing on Giving the Best User Experience
    Built on the proven Windows 2000 technology platform, Windows XP gives
    users a new type of experience. With a new desktop environment, greater
    ease of use, and greatly improved dependability, Windows XP is a worthy
    successor to the earlier versions of the Windows operating system. Not only
    does it improve usability through a new visual design and more task-oriented
    approach, Windows XP lays the foundation for new and better user
    experiences through improved functionality. With Windows XP, users will be
    up and running with less effort. Its new design helps new users become
    productive fast, while also giving the experienced user the ability to
    customize based on their own preferences. Superior capabilities in Windows
    XP make it the most versatile Windows operating system for digital
    entertainment. Most importantly, Windows XP is the most reliable Windows
    operating system to date, with:
    • The proven code base of Windows 2000
    • A System Restore feature that enables users and administrators to restore
    a computer to a previous state without losing data
    • Elimination of most scenarios that forced users to reboot in earlier versions
    of Windows
    • Protection of core system files from being overwritten by application
    The Designed for Windows XP Logo Program
    The Designed for Windows XP logo program focuses specifically on improving
    the end user’s experience. The presence of a logo that includes one of the
    world’s most recognizable brands assures consumers that they are buying
    a known quantity when they purchase a logo’d product.

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