mermaids. how did you become a mermaid

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how did you become a mermaid




  1. jessicak200

     Ok I don't know if this spell works but here it is you'll need a 



    .sea shell real 


    .necklace special from someone It can be a bracket ring it has to be on the upper part of body 

    The spell is mermaids from the deep make me what I wish to be a mermaid that swims in the sea I would like the Color of _______ and special power _______(ex shaping water,heating,freezing water)mermaid when wet human when dry make me what I wish to be a mermaid so mote it  this spell takes up to 2 months or less no more then that 

  2. jessicak200

     Hi guest 510 can u give me a spell that works mermaid spell and hey other dude stop being a jerk plz send me the spell


  3. Guest1021
    U have to make up ur on spell and believe in it and it will work.  That is how i did it.
  4. Guest8169

     Its all just bluff there isn't any spell that can convert you into a mermaid. All those who say so that spell worked for them are all those idiots who are trying to fool people and then enjoy upon it. Trust me you won't ever see any in the real life and that is a promise to you.

  5. Guest510

    Hey mermaids are real I happen to be one you know tail wet feet dry but it just happens no spell magic

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