my cat constantly ill after cerenia injection, is cerenia the cause of this

by Guest2195  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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after having a cerenia injection which is only supposed to be for dogs, my cat has been ill for 3 weeks now, she has had 3 lots of anti inflammorty injections and 3 lots of antibiotic injections now she has been constantly sneezing for 7 days, can anyone help with advice my poor cat has been ill for 3 weeks now i think it is side effects from cerenia,and why is it being given to cats anyway when they have had fits from this drug.

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  1. Guest9158
    Cerenia is used to prevent vomiting in cats.  Your cat is ill from something and you need to find out what..blood work and xrays will help determine whats going on..the cerenia should help with the vomiting but you need to treat what's causing the vomiting.

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