my dog's skin problem...

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weimaraner puppy has bumps on her skin, when squeezed, blood/pus comes out....what is it?

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  1. Guest757
    It is a common problem apparentley. My pup is 14 months old, after long months of trying to treat him I gathered what I already knew and saw all the vets failure and took to the internet. It is a common seasonal problem that affects weims during the summer apparentley, a problem in which most vets are ignorant to. they will charge you for skin scraping and allergy testing and in my case, put your dog on steroids and make him even more sick. Its not what hes eating it has to do with fleas biting him and a certain shampoo. AKC has a great writeup about the problem specifically for weims from a weim onwer/vet? Through the entire ordeal the only med I trusted was 25mg benadryl every other day to relieve my dogs level of discomfort. A good rinsing every other week between baths to wash away the dead skin helps and benzoyl peroxide shampoo is key. Dont put your pup on roids as it can cause obvious discomfort to your dog ( i.e his p***s swelling and sticking out while trying to urintate multiple times within an hour) or it can flat out kill them

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