my stardoll got hacked!!!???

by Guest4411  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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i have no clue how. i was crying because i was superstar till january 2010. :(

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  1. pabitraghadai
    hi there,

    Sorry about that. I don't know what else you can do. This answer is kind of a waste. I'm no help.


  2. Guest9923
    somebody hack me
  3. Guest6589

    There has been a hacker who is posing as stardoll admin.
    This person has been changing people's passwords and money.
    She also HACKS INTO someones account on her youtube video!
    I am going to write to Star Admin today and I am going to sent a direct link to this video.She probaly hacked into ure account!

    Hope this helps!

    If u want help just HIDE ALL RARE CLOTHES and NEVER give anyone ure pass!!!
  4. Guest8586
    my cousins stardoll account got hacked by some STUPID RUDE PERSON and then my cousin made a new one and said on the guestbook'give me back my account', so when this person saw the comment in the book she put in her presentation that my cousins account was for sale. SO IF THATS YOU, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT CUZ IM GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!  '(
  5. Guest5471
    well if i were u i would  go on
    just tell them the website, ur username, and last time u went on, then idk what they do next but ya theyll find password givin
  6. Guest7211
    OMG my account has been hacked some1 send me a message saying that iwill make u a superstar then send your passowrd and ur username and ican make u 1 well. ibelive her bec. my friend told that she made her a superstar then icant go 2 my account iwent 2 second account then i visited my other account then ivist my first doll ijust find that she bought anothor clothes and my look of my medoll and my sds was 137 i only spend money in the play and earn thing! :(
  7. Guest2158
    i think mine did cuz i cannot get on it but i dont see why it would becase
    im really poor with some stilletoes and a dress.MAD PEOPLE THESE DAYS!
  8. Guest6809
    ok thier is defenantly a way to get ur accoun back when the hacker changes ur emaile u will be confirmed so just follw the tracks from the stardoll msg and ull get ur account back, if she didnt chnage the emaile u can get it by clicking on forgot password and write in ur emaile the one u confirmed in stardoll and  they will send u a msg and then u click on the link then u have it back:) i am  glad to help u guys if non of these steps worked contact me on happyfeeter7 on stardoll if it didnt work, and i can got to the account u were hacked and i can suggest for the hacker to do a makeover or lie to her that my account was hacked and i really need to knw how to hack the hacker back:)) please if dont work just contact me on stardoll i will be really happy to help my last account was hacked and i got it back!!
  9. Guest2352

    i got hacked by this person: ARYANAAROXX

    does this name sound familiar to you?

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