my work schedule at walmart 9/11-9/17/2010 hown do i check my work schedule at walmart store 1559

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i am an employee at walmart 1559 and want to see my schedule for           9/11-9/17/2010

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  1. Guest4761
    I work at Store #2587.  It is getting harder to see my work schedules from  It used to be straight forward but now you can't find it even if you try each category for employees.  Also, Personnel seems to not want anyone to know exactly how many hours you are working for that week.  They conveniently turn the paper so that you can't see how many hours you are to work.  It is not due to lack of board space since there is about 8" between each week.

  2. Guest4811

    Just show me where I can get my work schedule for Store1626 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,please?

  3. Guest2542

    I work at store #0687 need my work scheduel. How do I get on??

  4. Guest439

    show me where i can find my schedule for store # 2208

  5. Guest840

    how do i find my work schedule for store 1991

  6. Guest8358

    need store 0420 schedule witcha falls,tx.

  7. Guest6614

    How can I find my work schedule at store 0491?

  8. Guest7845

    show me my schedule for store 3394 in Atantic Iowa

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