name change procedure in andhra pradesh

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hi sir,i would like to change my much time it will take to change my name.whom to approach?can you tell me the procedure

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  1. Guest3559
    i am o.vijay gopalakrishna.i want to know the procedure for change of much time will it email id is

  2. Guest8848
    i belong to india andra pradesh, i am working in kuwait i want change my name please let me know the procedure
  3. Guest766

    Dear Sir,

    This is Ramesh.I Have Completed My M.B.A,My Certificates Have Wrong Surname & Fahter Name From SSC Like K.Ramesh s/o Venkateshwarlu,My Election Card,Ration Card Etc Have With My Original Name Like Ruthala Ramesh S/o Nageshwar Rao.I Want To Change My Surname And Father Name As Original Name. Please Guide me What is the Procedure to Change my Surename & Father Name.


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