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Please,  in my National Diploma i did civil engr. And i want to change to Environmental studies Resources and management  or any other sciencs course.since NOUN, does not offer civil. Would that be posible

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  1. Guest8260
    i want to know the list of courses offer by NOUN

  2. Guest6280

    I'm an English student. I have read the handout for ENG 325 English language in Nigeria, and its wonderful. I have just discovered another one on contemporary English in Nigeria, pls can I get the handout on Language of poetry and African fiction? I mean the materia written by your lecturers...

  3. Guest7526

    1. i am undergraduate student of  biomedical and would wish to further my studies in medical is it possible

    3. what are the possible reguirment to run a degree in med.lab sc if its not possible to futher after my degree in biomedical

  4. Guest7638

    where exactly is the office? and can i still register now? as in i dnt no if enrolment has ended. and i also need to ask if one can apply as undergraduate for law wit just a pass in Literature?


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