no voltage to ice maker model# aed2535des amana

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no voltage to ice maker model# aed2535des amana

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  1. amomipais82
    HI There,
    (1) I did the optics test, and everything seems fine. 2 blinks when flapper is open, steady light when closed.

    (2) I did the "jumper" test across T&H - and was able to make the icemaker go through a full harvest cycle (after a couple of attempts), and it even dumped water after removing the jumper before the 10 o'clock position. The icemaker itself was also warm. So, I assume that the icemaker is OK.

    However, I've not been able to reproduce a harvest cycle using the "jumper" test. Absolutely nothing happens. The Optics test still shows a solid light when the flapper is closed, and 2 blinks when open.

    So, I started tracing the voltage, and what I found was the Black with white stripe wire that serves as the input into the icemaker only has a voltage reading of 65V. (there are 4 wires that lead to the icemaker- a green with yellow stripe, a pink, a white, and the black with white stripe). The black with white stripe reads 65v regardless if the flapper is open/closed, or the door switch is open/closed - all the others (white, pink, and green with yellow stripe have no voltage - which I suspected with the white (neutral) and green w/yellow stripe (ground), but not sure what the pink is for).

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