non muslim marrying a muslim

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i'm a hindu, and my girlfriend is a muslim. i love her very much. she love's me too. we plan to get married in 3 years.but, a religion problem exist. she ask me to convert to islam.i can't convert to islam,because my family wont allowed me to convert, and my opinion is, i'm just love and like her heart not the religion.i like the way who is she is,and she like the who am i.i wan't to marry her without converting into islam.i respect islam culture as well as i respect my religion.

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  1. Guest7495
    My goodness !!! i am not going to influence you, not at all, RELIGION we people created it !!!! LOVE is something we can't help,  you love her That's good! And yes GOD IS ONE! each other got different religion but let me tell me GOD IS ONE! , so no one stop it ! but yes at least u do respect islam culture, and u respect ur religion too, there is no problem on it, God is more mature than us! HE understands us ! Do not forget , No one is perfect on this world, You are living on this world so it's you who is controlling your life, i know your parents raised you , but they have to understand that they do have a heart to love too, So they must understand yours too. I have various family  who got married with non muslim and they are happily married like that and let me tell u i am a muslim, i love GOD , and GOD loves people who loves Him , I DO, if one day i get a man who is not muslim but willing to marry me, I will agree at least he will take care of me, and love me forever.

    PFF really i want to slap people who believe on tradition, i do RESPECT yes, BUT it's time to move on my bro!!!!

    You love her , move on with her, show the girl's parents that you love her :-)
    They will realise it, ok i ask you a question? Do you know what will really happen after death? No right? :) so If people don't know what will happen? so we people will believe on tradition so fast WHICH PEOPLE CREATED? LOL one thing is clear lol, muslim men can get 4 wives, THIS IS LEGAL for them LOL, but they dont see real love among a non muslim or muslim's love LEGAL! LOL that's stupid really! I am sure God does agreed of muslim and non muslim love, unless you love GOD thats all u have !

    I have a part in which QURAN says :-  in surah 2 verses 62 , ASK it to ur love ( ur girlfriend) she will show u , It says

    those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians.” Muhammad Asad exults: “With a breadth of vision unparalleled in any other religious faith, the idea of ‘salvation’ is here made conditional upon three elements only: belief in God, belief in the Day of Judgment, and righteous action in life.”

    IF you believe one God and even if u are any religion , GOD WILL LOVE YOU!

    God is one ! no matter how you are praying, It's the same!
    Just keep the girl happy always like you are now :-)

    Be strong boy! when there is love, there is hope, and when there is hope there is love :)

  2. Guest263
    same problem...... even i am ready to convert also but wat to do... am not settled yet ,,,,,;-( ;-(
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