oil painting dark forest small pond or creek two children? picking up basket

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picture app. 100 years old

 Tags: basket, children, creek, dark, forest, oil, Painting, picking, pond



  1. amomipais82
    Alois Arnegger (March 9, 1879 - August 11, 1963) was an Austrian painter.

    Arnegger was born in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and was taught by Robert Russ und August Eisenmenger. Alois Arnegger became famous as a scene painter. In the first years of his career, he painted scenes from his Austrian origin, but since the 1920s his focus was more on Italian coasts, such as Naples, Capri or Sanremo.

    He died in Vienna in 1963. His son Gottfried Arnegger was also a painter.

    You are in a specific niche with this artsit.  I'll have to do some research to find active sellers or dealers.

    You can help by going to google and typing in:
    alois arnegger art

    If you find a dealer that sells the works, contact them and see if they want to broker or consign.

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