painting old dresser/ painting over spray paint?

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painting old dresser/ painting over spray paint?

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  1. Jesica ethan
    Hi! there here is a way you can paint over a spray paint.

    Just give it a good sanding (the last LOL).
    Get your brush according to the type of paint. A water based brush for water paint and an oil based brush for oil paint. No foam or cheap brushes. Get a decent one and you will have it a long time with care.
    Renee check your spray cans to determine what type of paint you used.
    The water will say latex or acrylic.
    The oil will say alkyd.
    That is the method that may help you.

  2. Guest9719
    OMG do NOT use spray paint.  I've tried it before, on several occasions and finally learned my lesson.  It will not dry correctly, it will streak, parts of the dresser will suck up the paint.  Oh, it's a nightmare.  For best results, get a brush and use enamel paint or latex paint - stay away from the oil based paints if you can as these keep the paint smell for a good deal of time.  If your dresser is varnished, don't forget to primer it.  I'm 37 and it took years to figure out how to best do this, but I think I finally got it.  Glad I can help anyone who reads this!
  3. Guest6028
    Burn the dresser. Toast marshmallows over fire. Press marshmallows in between graham crackers with chocolate pieces. Enjoy.
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