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i own a soyo 32" lcd hdtv and when i hook up my desktop to the RGB connection on the tv it says no support how do i fix this problem

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  1. amomipais82
    Your computer must have a Video card with a TV-OUT connector. The connection will normally be intergrated in your Video card and located at the back of your computer. You can also do this with your laptop as most of them have this type of connector.

    A TV-OUT connector cable will be plugged in both devices to link them to each other. The cable can indicate which line goes in and which one goes out, so bear in mind that you plug IN your TV set OUT from your computer.

    The following illustration should make it easy to understand how the connection should be made.

    You will also have to get a LINE-IN for your Soundcard from your TV to your computer.

    Requirements for your TV set

    You will have to get the same kind of connector for your TV set called the TV-IN or VIDEO-IN connector. However, you will also have to get a LINE-OUT connector of the Soundcard.

    If you do not have a correct connector for your TV, you can either use your VCR or an additional round connector that looks like an antenna connector device. With your VCR, you can set your TV to the VCR channel.

    Below is the example of a round connector that you can use for your TV set.


    You have to change the Windows settings for the connection to be successful.
    Right-click on the desktop
    Click properties
    In the menu to select TV output

    If after several attempts without success, your 1024 or more may cause some concerns then reduce the resolution to 800x600.

    The menu appears only if everything is connected correctly.
    The S-video cable was originally in black and white.
    The s-video has a horizontal keyway

    Currently on new computers, manufacturers are finally connecting the color, the same goes for TVs. The S-video color are more than pin cable black and white.

    Otherwise, there is always the possibility of using a composite cable to replace the S-video

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