phone number of bollywood actor salman khan

by Guest19  |  11 years ago

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phone number of bollywood actor salman khan

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  1. Guest1647
    i need mr salman khan cell phone number please give me its urjent

  2. Guest8333
  3. Guest9968
    6477020004 is salllu bhai'sss number...
  4. Guest4867

    hey ,salman khan i want to listen your voice,only one time  pls .everyone says that u have a unique personality i also think the same.if u want to give me my wish thn send your phn number to my id .i havn't any frnd in this id .u may check i want to chat with u .pls make it possible for your fan.


  5. Guest6017

    aare kya mallappa ki kher hai phone number diyo boletoh it cant be possible but if sallu bhai see these request he may be give best of luck 

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