picies aries cusp female and a scorpio III

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are we a great match.. we r in love

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    I'm a pisces-aries female with a scorpio iii boyfriend. We've been on and off for 3 yrs now. Our relationship is very complex, deep, dramatic, and passionate. It hasn't been an easy-going sort of relationship, but I believe that is why we are still very attached to eachother. He has dated many other pisces girls, but still they cannot compare to the bond we have. Personally alot of issues arise from my lack of trust in him. He has hurt me many times in the past, but still I'm here for him. And he has grown and matured since, and I need to let go of the past that I'm allowing to hold our future back.

    I can't say our relationship will have the same ups and downs, like a rollercoaster.. but we both agree that all the hard times has made us even more emotionally attached to one another. This relationship, this bond has great potential. He is my best-friend, my lover .. and when things are bad he can be my enemy and the person I most dispise. But when it comes down to it, no one can compare to him and the trials of love we've been through.

    It's a very complex love. BE PREPARED! Have strength, most importantly have patience. Do not deter, do not become disloyal. He might break your heart many times, but he needs to learn from his mistakes. In the end, you'll gain his full trust and commitment and it is very worth it.

    I hope this helps =\ Keep looking up info. There are so many great websites outhere. Read up a lot on his sign, even his certain phase, his chart. Get a better understanding of him and how his mind works. Scorpios are very complex, confusing creatures that really need someone who can understand them and their motives. Best luck to you & yours.

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