pioneer receiver vsx-108

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I speaker wire fell into a slot on the top of my satilite box and now the receiver doesn't work

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  1. Guest6492
    No port for Turntable which I just purchased.Turntable is Pye pro, model PLTTB-1.Tried TV and VCR ports and no sound. What to do?

  2. Guest1268
    If this receiver does not have an input marked as a "Phono Input" you will need to provide an outboard phono preamp as the signal from your cartridge is around 2.8mv and the inputs you are using (CD, DVD, AUX) are set for around 200mv and the signal also needs to be equalized to RIAA spec.  If you get the outboard preamp plug the turntable into the input on the preamp and the output to any spare input (see above).

    There is a tremendous deal right now at LPGear

    This will definitely solve the problem.

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