pokerstars exclusive easter sunday freeroll password for this sunday anyone got the pw

by Guest4407  |  11 years, 5 month(s) ago

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anyone got easter sundays pw

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  1. Guest6639

  2. Guest4573
    easter 04-10
  3. Guest8808
    thats not the answer idiot ...
  4. Guest535
    easter 04-10
  5. Guest9754
    easter 04-10 is the right password, just copy and paste it into the password box and it works
  6. Guest8319
    Yeah just copy/paste.... easter 04-10
  7. Guest6371
    the password is BigEasterEgg
  8. Guest736
    easter 04-10 worked for me. Thanks.
  9. Guest2603

    I guess your in even thou you called me an idiot.
  10. Guest3540
    hi what tourney is this for and on what site. i can't find on pokerstars
  11. Guest1829
    easter 04-10 worked for me too i just registered for it now thanks guys
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