post a loan ads

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post a loan ads

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  1. Jessica Ward

    I can't hide this great testimony that take place in my life I will

    love everyone to know it and be partaker,I live in United State Of America,I want to thank(RANDY KENT) for his kindness upon my family life.I never knew that there is still nice lender like this on internet and earth here. Just some Months Back, I was in search for a loan of $120,000,00 as I was running out of money for feeding and rent. I was scammed $3,800 Dollars and I decided not to involve my self in such business again but a Friend of my introduced me to a loan firm due to my appearance and can contact him via or

  2. Laura Thompson


    Are you seeking for a legitimate lender from the internet? My name is Laura, from Edmonton Alberta..please i want to advice you to beware of loan from the China and any part of Malaysia because they are all scammers. I have been scammed over 6 times until i came across a loan company from United State.

    They are so wonderful and serious minded company. I would advice you contact them if you need a loan of any kind(personal or business) because i got a loan from them without any stress after meeting their requirement. Their contact info is: or

  3. Brumfield Loan Firm

     I am Mr. Brumfield Green, a legitimate, reputable money lender. We are a company with financial assistance. We loan funds out to individuals in need of financial assistance, that have a bad credit or in need of money to pay bills, to invest on business. I want to use this medium to inform you that we render reliable beneficiary assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan.

    Services Rendered include;


    *Home Improvement

    *Investment Loan

    *Auto Loans

    *Debt Consolidation

    *Business Loans

    *Personal Loans

    *International Loans.


    Name Of Beneficiary:.........




    Amount Required............

    Purpose of the Loan........

    Loan Duration:............

    Phone Number.............


    Mr. Brumfield Green

    Brumfield Loan Firm

    Hope to see your response via this mail address,


  4. Guest4319

    Are you a student and you need loan?do you need home loan?do you need a car loan?do you need loan?do you need company loan?do you need loan to pay up your bills?has banks and private lender refused to grant you loan because of your bad credit check and collateral?Good news because i Alhaji Kadarami have come to give you loan with 3% low interest rate.So if you are badly in need of loan you can contact me via my email,

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