ADMISSONS. I M getting admisson in civil engineering and IT FIELD ,,,,, IN FUTURE I WANT TO DO

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I M getting admissin in civil engineering and IT FIELD ,,,,,
IN FUTURE I WANT TO DO  MBA,, then choosing which field will be better 4 me, Please tell me about admission Criteria for MBA, thanks.

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    If you want to take the admission in the MBA Program, you can take it easily as it is completely based on merit system. The basic policy for the admission of MBA program is to choose those candidates whose intellectual capacity, managerial potential and personal characteristics are perfectly qualify them to start career in management. The Admissions authorities will first review the candidates in order to ensure that applicants meet the necessary requirements. After the review, Admissions board will short list the students for interviews. The final decision will be taken after the interview. The entry test is essential. Students have the choice to take: Graduate Management Admission Test or Management Admission Test for their admission.  The finalist applicants are dependent on all admission criteria i.e. academic ranking, test scores and interview performance, also remember that Graduate Management Admission Test and Management Admission Test Pare just few of several admission criteria. Moreover a high score will not confirm admission, and a below average score does not eliminate an applicant. To be considered eligible as appropriate MBA applicants, there is a fix criteria which will be assess before giving admission in MBA:

    • Sixteen years of education with excellent academic record (at least a four-year Bachelor's degree or a two-year Masters Degree from any recognized institute)

    • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Management Admission Test (LMAT)

    • Work experience, although it is not compulsion but it is preferred

    • Interview performance

    • Letters of recommendation


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