"how do i enter the radio code for a 2003 volkswagen jetta?"

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"how do i enter the radio code for a 2003 volkswagen jetta?"

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  1. amomipais82
    Maybe I don't understand the question: Do you already have the code and don't know how to put it into the radio. or is it that you don't have the code at all.

    Normally, dealers charge to remove the radio and get the code based upon the serial number of the radio (its stamped into the radio chassis) and they input it into the VIN (VW info network computer system), then wait a couple of minutes to get the code based upon the radio serial number.

    Now, If you don't have the code, there are a couple of places to look. If the dealership has done the predelivery service the way that they are supposed to, then you'll find on the drivers door jamb a white sticker with a bunch of numbers on it...this is the serial number to the radio. You can take the serial number of the radio, plus your vehicle identification number (its the 17 digit/numerical number on the VIN tag on the winshield area or the drivers door jamb or on your vehicle registration card) and they should be able to get the number for you. I'm assuming of course, that you've already looked in the owners manual for the radio chassis card (the serial number should be on this card--but of course, a lot of times the card is either missing or the vehicle wasn't predelivered correctly)....

    You can also check by the spare tire for a white or silver tag or label(s).. normally, the radio serial number tag and code are placed on a small white tag in the spare tire area or floor in the trunk (boot) area near the tire when the vehicle is assembled at the factory. The dealer is supposed to remove the tags, put the large white label in the owners manual (it has the vin, colour info, option codes etc), the smaller tags have the radio serial number and radio code and the radio code goes on the white audio card and the serial number label goes on the door jamb area by the vin serial number label.

    The instructions for entering the code are in the owner's manual or the dealer should enter code for free (if you have it).

    The dealers in the San Francisco Area are very expensive; most of them were charging $100 or more to pull the radio, get the code and enter it into the radio. We used to do it for free until we were getting up to 20 people a day wanting us to do for free... and we started to charge $50.00 for it (this in 2005).

    Hope this helps, a car nut.

  2. Guest8849
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