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My name is Shivani. my birth date is 4/4/1979.i am married i have 1 daughter 8 years old(24/8/2002). my husband name is subhash he is 40 years old (1/4/1970). i am working in one institute. the society for the welfare of the differently abled persons, physically handicapped, education and research centre, wanwadi, pune. last three years i am working in the institute. yet now i am not permanant. please tell me sir when i will get the permanant letter from the institute. tell me month or year. baki all is well. with best regards. shivani.




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    my name is shamba n birth date 02/02/1980 , my wife name sarita n her birth date 25/08/1984. our marrige as on 28/12/2007. we are intrested to have child but till date we dont. wats ours rashi says?

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