real working mermaid spells that only work when you are in your own bathtub

by Guest8862  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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and that you can breath under water and i would like my tail color to be neon green and my sea shell bra to be neon pink and my hair color to be dark brown and that i can sing really good even when i am not in mermaid formation.

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  1. Guest9691
    you don't pick your powers, or colors !@&*

  2. Guest4240
    mermaid really do want to be a mermaid that bad tsk tsk tsk *wag finger*
  3. Guest4032
    if u wan to be a mermiad, believe in ur self and all the life in u. Trust  ur self and trust ur faith. Let all of God's light consume and u wil be a mermaid.

    Idea Trying to get across: Believe, Trust, Soar Higher and Higher, Never give up in ur dreams and destiny.

    (soon to be mermaid... )
  4. Guest6121
    I found a spell book in my Grandma's attic that actually works! You have to be in the bath for it to work though. I know a bunch of spells that work from it too! If you would like to hear them add me to your msn and I will tell you them! OK?! I am on MSN  and I am called:

    see ya! xxxxx
  5. Guest5031
    i'm really really sorry to tell u this but i am 18 an for 9 years i hav bin tryin to become a mermaid. i've bought countless meditation, potion and spell kits for becoming a mermaid, and i've kep a record of every mermaid spell i've ever dun, and it totalls up to 658 spells, 236 meditation kits and 411 potions. trust me they dont work. i now realise i've wasted my life buying, researching and trying mermaid spells, poions and meditation kits, when i should have been out with my friends enjoying my child/teenage years. so if you want to you can carry on, but if you do find anyting that really duz work please put it on here. Thank you.
  6. Guest7775
    WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO BE A MERMAID???!!! You're being WEIRD! And not in a good way. It's DANGEROUS!!! DON'T DO IT. It's awful and offensive to God that you guys want to be something besides what he created you to be! But, I guess he can forgive- if you pray every night, and apologize. I hope you have a back- up plan if it backfires! Make sure you have a powerful undo spell. Terrible things have happened to people who have tried this! I would think twice about becoming a mermaid.
  7. Guest6155

    omg. let people just believe in what they want! quit being negitive and let them live their lives!

    you can see air but it exist and if you have a problem with that than stop breathing!

  8. Guest9416

    Can anyone help because im trying to find a real working mermaid spell and dont laugh at me because i am only 9 years old and i can also get you kicked out of this website.                                         I once was a mermaid but my tail and powers went away and i am not kidding I will  tell you the spell i used i you get me a real working spell i was a mermaid sense i was 6 now im 9 going into 5th grade.     P.s PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

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