red power light blinks continuously when i plug my tv in hitachi 55fx48b

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red power light blinks continuously when i plug my tv in hitachi 55fx48b

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  1. Guest1423
    This model does not have the service connector on the back panel like some Hitahi sets do.  So, the only meaning the blinking light has is that the protection circuit has been activated.  That is what shut the system down.

    It shut the system down because an excessive current draw from one of the many sections of the tv was detected.  It does that to prevent further damage to the set or fire from burning parts.

    You can try a hard reset by unplugging the power cord for 4 hours. But if the shorted condition remains it will merely go into protection immedieatly.

    You will need a service tech who can conduct electronic tests to find out what is going on.  A most common failure is in the high voltage section; next is the deflection amplifiers; then the audio amplifiers then the main power supply - and so on.  So, there are many sections for the tech to check out. Some times it is just a small item and low cost repair; sometimes it is very expensive.  If a shorted resistor, maybe only a few dollars to fix it. If a defective power transformer the it will be a very bad day for you - over $300.  But transformers don't often fail.  High voltage repairs are usually around $200.

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