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how do we play dama sci notation and how does the scoring being done?

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  1. Guest395
    how do we play dama sci notation?

  2. Guest9105
    Basically the rules in playing the Filipino checkerboard game called dama will be used with some modifications in intergrating Mathematics and Science as follows:
    1. Set the starting positions of the chips (refer to the given standard for each sci-dama).
    2. After the starting positions of the chips have been set , the first player is determined by drawing lots.
    3. A chip is allowed to move diagonally forward only to an adjoining vacant square.
    4. A chip has to take the opponent's chip diagonally forward or backward thus "pass" is not allowed. Mathematical operations (+,-, x,/) will be used depending on the vacant square's operation symbol where the "taker" chip lands by jumping over after performing the indicated mathematical operation and recording same in the score sheet.
    5. In taking more than one chip, the "taker" chip is always the addend, minuend, multiplicand or dividend as the case may be.
    6. In taking a chip or more than one chip, the "dama rules on "dama", "mayor dalawa" or tatlo", "mayor tatlo over dalawa", "mayor dama" and "mayor dalawa or tatlo over dama" prevail.
    7. A chip is declared "dama" upon reaching terminally on the following designated squares:
    For red chips       (0,7)  (2,7)  (4,7)  (6,7)
    For blue chips      (1,0)  (3,0)  (5,0)  (7,0)
    8. A "dama" chip is allowed to take a chip or more than one chip or move to any unoccupied square along its diagonal path. Moreover, a dama's score is doubled in taking a chip or chips, and quadrupled if it takes the opponent's dama chip. Similarly, an ordinary chips score is doubled id it takes a dama chip.
    9. A "move" (eg -> (6,3) is good only at the most for one minute including its corresponding entries in the score sheet; while the game's duration is twenty minutes.
    10. The game ends when any of the situation occur:
           Repetitive moves of any or both players
           A player resigns
           A player has no more chip to move
           The 20 minutes game duration ended
    11. The remaining chips have to be aded to the respective player's total scores.
    12. The player with the lesser total score is declared winner for which he/she is entitled of one point in the tally sheet of contestants or (0.5) point in case of a draw. However , after the round-robin, the payer with themost accumulated points in the tally sheet will be declared the champion.
    13. Only one score sheet is allowed to be accomplished alternately by the two players whereby incorrect entries shallbe their responsibilty.

    For further questions or clarifications, ask your Science teacher about it.
    For the Sci dama board illustration ; click this link:
  3. Guest7402
    its supercalifragilisticexpialidosious!
  4. Guest8068
    ang hirap nmn wla pang chips arrangement
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